Evaluating Special Education Programs Resource Toolkit


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Tue, 11/01/2016
Author(s): Jill Lammert, Westat; Sarah Heinemeier, Compass Evaluation & Research; Jennifer M. Schaaf, Westat; Thomas A. Fiore, Westat; Bethany Howell, Compass Evaluation & Research
Organization: Westat

This comprehensive Toolkit provides an array of evaluation resources for OSEP grantees. Starting with a discussion of the basics of evaluation, including working with third-party evaluators and developing an evaluation budget, it walks the reader through the process of planning and conducting an evaluation. It also offers some key methodological considerations, such as how to conduct high-quality data analysis and how to develop a system to measure fidelity of a project. The Toolkit is designed to highlight important issues to consider and to offer a variety of resources, including sample templates and forms, links to other evaluation-related products and resources, and recommended readings on research and evaluation.