Multilingual Families Language Routines for Families

OSEP Hosts National Summit and Launches New Attract, Prepare, Retain Resource Page

The 2020 OSEP Summit provided an opportunity by bringing together various stakeholders to explore potential strategies and innovative approaches to address this critical need. The virtual event was held over three days and participants had the opportunity to register for each event individually or attend all three.  An archive of the event can be found on the 2020 OSEP National Summit webpage.  OSEP also launched a new Attract, Prepare, Retain Resources Page that provides research and resources for stakeholders to explore potential strategies, innovative approaches, and additional resources regarding this topic!

Wed, 09/23/2020

Language Routines for Multilingual Families has six components: (1) share stories, (2) describe things, (3) sing songs, (4) watch TV, (5) read books, and (6) cook meals. For each component there are suggestions for activities that families can engage in within their daily routines and that require either low- or no-tech. This one-page resource is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Swedish. We know that during remote learning multilingual/Emergent bilingual students are experiencing language loss. These activities are great suggestions for using family assets to encourage language production in any language.