2019 Leadership Conference

Continuity of Learning During COVID-19 Resources

This webpage provides information, tools, and resources to help parents, families, teachers, and related service providers to support continued learning and meeting the behavioral, social, and emotional needs of children and youth with disabilities through remote and virtual learning and features information and resources from OSEP's NEW webinar series!

Presenter Information

If you will be presenting at the 2019 OSEP Leadership Conference, please use the resources below in preparation for your session.

Please remember, ALL presenters must be registered for the conference. Please ensure all presenters on your session are registered. Register here!  

If you have not yet reserved a hotel room, please visit the Lodging, Dining, and Activities page.

Important Deadlines

  • Accept or decline the decision status of your proposal by Friday, March 22.
  • Confirm session information (title, description) and all speakers (names and organizations) for your session, and update any content from your original submission by Friday, March 29.
  • Submit 508 Compliant presentation and handouts by Tuesday, April 23 (breakout presenters only).

Submit Your Presentation Materials

If you are presenting a breakout session, your 508 compliant presentation (using this template) and handouts should be submitted through the conference portal no later than April 23, 2019.

To submit your presentation materials:

  1. Log in to the conference portal.
    1. If you have forgotten your login information, click here to retrieve it.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, under “Call for Proposal Submissions.”
  3. In the table, you will find your session name(s). Click the “edit” button in the far right column affiliated with your session.
  4. Scroll past your session description and abstract
  5. Click “choose file” in the corresponding presentation and handout fields to select the file you would like to upload.
  6. Click “Upload”
  7. When you're finished uploading files, click “save” at the bottom of the page.

About Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are opportunities for participants to share innovative ideas, address persistent issues, and discuss effective practices in preparation, research, technical assistance (TA), technology, practice, and policy for improving results for infants, toddlers, children, and youth with disabilities and their families. We especially seek proposals that provide implementation exemplars for attendees.

  • These sessions should be interactive and stimulating, address multiple perspectives, challenge current practices and expectations, and provoke thoughtful discussion.
  • Breakout sessions are scheduled for 1 hour. The number of presenters is limited (up to 3) to allow sufficient time for audience participation and discussion.
  • Presenters should plan to spend 30-40 minutes presenting and 20-30 minutes in discussion with attendees.
  • Presenters can expect an audience of approximately 35–50 people

Breakout Presenter Guidelines and PowerPoint Template

Tips for Engaging Presentations

Presenters at OSEP Conferences are expected to spend approximately 30 minutes in discussion with their audience. To help presenters meet this goal, we have compiled some helpful tips to increase audience participation for a more engaging presentation:

  • Remind yourself that many participants are also doing this work, so they are looking for solutions, strategies, and an answer to “how did they do/achieve xx?” rather than “what is xx?” Frame your presentation with this in mind.
  • Accommodate different learning styles by enlivening your slides with pictures or graphics. Insert short video clips to hear from clients, experts, or leaders or incorporate polling questions. But, make sure you consider accessibility for individuals who may have visual or hearing impairments and have a back-up plan if your session incorporates any technology.
  • Ask participants to write down their burning questions before you begin and then ask them to cross off questions that are answered during the presentation. Later, prompt for discussion about any unanswered questions that remain.
  • Keep it simple - concentrate on your core message, always keeping in mind the question, “What is the key message (or three key points) for my audience to take away?”
  • Remember the “Less is More” Rule for PowerPoint presentations–Slides should contain less, rather than more, information, expressed simply.
  • Break the ice - Plan an interactive opening using questions, such as asking for a show of hands to gauge who is in the audience and to identify their interest in or familiarity with presentation content.
  • Build in audience discussion and reporting throughout your presentation - Ask participants to quickly discuss concerns or topics with one another or in small groups then have a few people share out, as time allows.
  • Tell a story to illustrate your points - Stories help us to pay attention and to remember things. If you can use stories in your presentation, your audience is more likely to engage and remember your points afterwards.
  • Ask participants to guess certain facts or data or leave blanks on your slides and ask them to fill in the missing words.
  • Engage your audience - Ask for volunteers to write on a flip chart, track the time, or record action items.

Poster Sessions

About Poster Sessions

Poster sessions provide opportunities for you to share information on topics of interest in a more dynamic and conversational format. Your proposal should highlight innovative practices in your State, program, or individual grant that leads to improved outcomes for infants, toddlers, children, and youth with disabilities and their families.

Poster Presenter Guidelines

Section 508 Accessibility Standards

Digital materials distributed at OSEP Conferences are required to meet the standards outlined in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (Section 508 was adopted in 1998). Section 508 requires that Federal agencies’ electronic and information technology are accessible to people with disabilities. This includes electronic and information technologies developed by and for organizations that receive Federal funds.

For general information about Section 508, visit http://www.Section508.gov.

Presenter Requirements for Section 508 Compliance

In order to confirm that all digital materials (including presentations, handouts, and any other electronic files) at OSEP Conferences meet Section 508 guidelines, presenters will be required to complete several steps to ensure content is compliant. If you are presenting a breakout session, your 508 compliant presentation (using this template) and handouts should be submitted through the conference portal no later than April 23, 2019.

For Information on making your Word or PowerPoint Presentation accessible, please refer to the following guides:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the 508 Guidelines

  • What materials need to be 508 compliant at OSEP Conferences?
     digital materials that will be distributed at the conference need to be 508 compliant. Physical, hard-copy handouts at the conference do not need to meet 508 standards, but any digital version of the handout will need to meet the 508 accessibility standards.
  • What is the easiest way to ensure 508 compliance?
    In short: keep it simple! Images and complex tables, smart art graphics, fonts, and animations make the 508 process much more difficult. Adding in “alt text” that clearly describes the meaning of a visual is a good place to start to ensure content is compliant. 
  • Help! I want to make a 508 compliant PDF, but they are very difficult to create.
    Unfortunately, making an accessible PDF is much more difficult than making a 508 compliant Word document or PowerPoint presentation. We recommend using Word and PowerPoint (using this template) whenever possible. If you are set on making an accessible PDF, it is easiest to first generate an accessible Word document and then generate an accessible PDF using Word’s built-in features (you must have Adobe Acrobat installed to get the most useful Word tools for generating PDFs).

Shipping Materials to the Conference Hotel

If you intend to ship materials to the hotel in advance, please make sure that they do not arrive at the hotel before Friday, July 19, 2019. For more information about handling and storage fees, please contact the hotel directly. You can find the hotel’s contact information on the Lodging, Dining, and Activities page.

Labels for shipped packages should include the following information:

Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel

1700 Jefferson Davis Highway

Arlington, Virginia 22202

Attn: Presenter’s Name

Hold For: OSEP Leadership Conference

Arrival Date: Contact Arrival Day and Date

Box ___ of ____

Multiple boxes must be numbered (e.g., “1 of 6,” “2 of 6,” etc.)

Contact Us

Questions? Please contact osep-meeting@air.org.