Three-Part Webinar Series on Customer Survey Development


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Center to Improve Program and Project Performance

These webinars discuss important aspects related to planning, designing and conducting customer surveys as part of an evaluation. The first webinar outlines the varied purposes of customer surveys, walks participants through the process of planning a high-quality customer survey, identifies some of the common problems related to planning customer surveys, and highlight the benefits of a well-designed customer survey.  The second webinar walks participants through key aspects of survey design, identifies some of the common problems associated with designing customer surveys, and discusses how to carry out pilot testing to improve the quality of the survey. The third webinar, outlines the different modes of survey data collection, walks participants through the process of collecting high-quality survey data and ensuring data security, identifies some of the common problems associated with conducting customer surveys, and offers suggestions for improving response rates and managing the data that have been collected.  It also provides a brief overview of analysis and use of survey data. The webinars are accompanied by a checklist for conducting customer surveys, sample item formats for customer surveys, and a resource list for anyone looking for more information on the topic.