Two-Part Webinar Series on Planning and Conducting Qualitative Interviews

New Leveraging Briefs Series on Attract, Prepare, Retain Available Now!

The new leverage briefs are the culmination of OSEP’s Attract, Prepare, Retain: Effective Personnel for All Initiative and highlight 13 leverage points covering strategies recognized by various stakeholders as essential to addressing critical shortages in the special education workforce.

Center to Improve Program and Project Performance

These webinars discuss the ins and outs of how to plan and conduct high-quality customer interviews as part of a rigorous evaluation. The first webinar discusses the benefits and limitations of using qualitative interviews in an evaluation and walks participants through the “who, what, when, where, and how” of integrating interviews into an evaluation. The second webinar discusses what it means to collect “high-quality” qualitative data, provides strategies for collecting high-quality data through interviews, and discusses ways to analyze and report interview data in a rigorous manner.  It also includes a brief discussion of common software packages for qualitative analysis.  Using examples and presenting challenges frequently encountered in real life, these webinars contain tips to help evaluators and grantees think through how to use interviews in their project evaluations.