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To support educators, as well as state and district leaders, in answering critical data questions, these centers shared how the four essential elements of data literacy can guide teams in using data, both virtually and in-person, to make accurate and feasible decisions in times of unknown. Additionally, SEAs were given tools to help support their LEAs to work together to meet student’s diverse needs during this webinar.

Tags: Educators | Local/District Agencies | School Administrators | State/Regional Agencies | Webinar | COVID-19 | Data | Implementation Science

How do we provide instruction at school, at home during distance learning and, if needed, pivot between the two environments for students with significant cognitive disabilities? The TIES Center's 5C Process and Learning Matrices focuses on meaningful learning for students in inclusive environments and helps to make transitioning between instruction at school and at home during distance learning straightforward and easier for both schools and families.

Tags: Educators | School Administrators | Technical Assistance Product | Cognitive Disabilities | COVID-19 | Distance and Remote Learning

We have talked with many administrators, advocates and teachers and a pressing concern is “How do you collect data for students with significant cognitive disabilities when you are not in the same room?” This resource offers some suggestions.

Tags: Educators | School Administrators | Technical Assistance Product | COVID-19 | Data | Distance and Remote Learning

This overview is intended to communicate a framework for supporting all students (including those with significant cognitive disabilities) to actively engage with classmates, learn grade-level general education curriculum, and learn other essential skills.

Tags: Educators | Parent/Families | School Administrators | Technical Assistance Product | Cognitive Disabilities | COVID-19 | Mental Health and Social & Emotional Supports