OSEP Peer Review

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OSEP Peer Review Training - General Guidance

Overview of The Peer Review Process for OSEP (August 2019)

This link connects you to a webinar and PowerPoint featuring an overview of OSEP’s peer review process. While a valuable resource to all peer reviewers, it was designed specifically for new peer reviewers and for peer reviewers who have not reviewed in some time. The PowerPoint provides details and examples related to the requirements for the individual reviews, the panel discussion and the panel summary, as well as a broad discussion of related issues, such as confidentiality and conflict of interest. It is not designed to take the place of the orientation call for each competition. Click for the PowerPoint presentation.  Click for the webinar.

How to Register and Use The G5 E-Reader for Peer Review (February 2014)

This link connects you to a PowerPoint created by the U.S. Department of Education to assist reviewers in the use of e-reader for the peer review process. Click for the PowerPoint presentation.  

OSEP Peer Review Webinars - For Specific Competitions

Orientation Webinar for 326Y Peer Reviewers

Technical Assistance and Dissemination to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities Program—National Technical Assistance Center for Inclusive Practices and Policies
CFDA 84.326Y (June 2017)

Archived Webinars for Peer Reviewers

Interdisciplinary Preparation for Personnel Serving Children with Disabilities who have High-Intensity Needs CFDA 84.325K  (April 2017)

PPT Presentation (Used for both webinars)

The above links connect you to archived webinars that reviewed the Personnel Development Program Purpose, looked at the 325K Notice Inviting Applications focusing on the purpose, eligible applicants, selection criteria, and the application requirements. The webinars also looked at the technical review process and scoring, review logistics, as well as providing tips and reminders. Both of these webinars covered the same content, but because there were several places during the presentation when questions could be addressed we have posted both recordings.