High Expectations and Appropriate Supports: The Importance of IEPs Symposium

Melody Arabo; Johnny Collett; Karen Erickson; Barbara Guy; Kelly Henderson; Chris Lemons; Janine Rudder; Rosa Milagros Santos; Saray Sayko; Sarah Vazquez; Mitchell Yell
2 Hours

During this presentation experts, including current OSEP grantees, discussed what we know about:

  1. Determining the factors that drive high expectations, such as child, family and other stakeholder engagement;
  2. How to support each child and family in establishing and meeting those expectations;
  3. Working towards each child having access to an education that meets her or his unique and individual needs;
  4. How high expectations relate to State academic content standards; and
  5. Incorporating evidence-based practices in the IEP.

All of this will be presented in light of how these practices and principles relate to the United States Supreme Court in Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District RE-1, commonly referred to as “Endrew F.”

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