Expeditious Records Transfer

Continuity of Learning During COVID-19 Resources

This webpage provides information, tools, and resources to help parents, families, teachers, and related service providers to support continued learning and meeting the behavioral, social, and emotional needs of children and youth with disabilities through remote and virtual learning and features information and resources from OSEP's NEW webinar series!

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  • This document details the responsibilities of the education and correction systems in providing appropriate services for youth with disabilities in correctional facilities. It includes specific guidelines for timing the transfer of records and ensuring appropriate staffing, which is discussed in the next section.

  • This matrix explains the rights and responsibilities of youth with disabilities, their families, and educators and caregivers under both IDEA and FERPA. It includes specifications for the creation and transfer of educational and behavioral records related to these youth.

  • This document presents information about developing a functioning communication model across agencies serving youth in the juvenile justice system. It describes how a range of youth service agency representatives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, developed a memorandum of understanding to streamline and simplify information exchange.