Guidelines for Working with Third-Party Evaluators

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Are you looking for a third-party project evaluator? Find out what to look for, why you need a third-party evaluator and how to plan for their work with your project.

This Exploration/Application webinar focused on identifying evaluation needs, finding and hiring, as well as monitoring and managing evaluation progress. The presenters offered guidelines and demonstrations of how to create a third-party evaluation scope of work, and explain how to use it to design a Request for Proposals and contract for the third-party evaluator. 

The accompanying “Guidelines for Working with Third-Party Evaluators” document is designed to assist grantees and their OSEP Project Officers in planning for, finding and hiring, and working with third-party evaluators to design, implement, and complete a project evaluation. The TA product presents a discussion of the benefits, drawbacks, and limitations of using a third-party evaluator and practical guidelines for creating a third-party evaluation scope of work, developing a Request for Proposals, soliciting bids for and contracting with a third-party evaluator, and monitoring and managing the work of the third-party evaluator. Throughout, the authors provide ideas, tips, strategies, and suggestions grantees may find useful to make the most of an evaluation that incorporates a third-party evaluator.

Currently the link for this recording is unavailable.  We are in the process of correcting this.

Webinars in the Series


January 14, 2015 | 60 Minutes

Jill Lammert, Westat | Sarah Heinemeier, Compass Evaluation and Research