2022 Annual Performance Reports (APR) Package for the Personnel Development to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities Program (CFDA 84.325)

U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs

Recipients of multi-year discretionary grants must submit an annual performance report (APR) demonstrating substantial progress for meeting project objectives that will be used to determine continuation funding.  The 2022 Annual Performance Report (APR) Package for the Personnel Development to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities (CFDA 84.325) includes the Dear Colleague Letter with instructions and forms.

Blank Forms for Annual Performance Reporting

While the Department receives actual data electronically through systems (e.g., G5, grants.gov, PDPDCS), these blank forms are helpful in drafting reports in preparation for submission of information into G5. 

The forms used for annual performance reports are available at Grant Application and Other Forms – Department of Education, including the ED 524-B: Part 1 -Cover Sheet and Executive Summary; ED 524-B: Part 2-Project Status; and ED 524-B:Part 3-Instructions. Also available is the ED 524 Example for Training Grants: Additional Indirect Cost Information and the ED 524 Form and Instructions for reporting budget information for non-construction programs.

APR Resources:

General Resources for All 325 Projects

  • 325 APR Cover Sheet Example with Tips
    This document provides an example of how to complete the Cover Sheet and Executive Summary portions of annual performance reports for all 325 grantees. Tips for each section are included.
  • 325 APR Status Sheet Example with Tips on Reporting Performance Objectives and Performance Measure Data
    This document provides an example of how to complete the Status Sheet portion of the annual performance report for 325 grantees. Tips for completing Sections A - Performance Objectives Information and Related Performance Measures Data, Section B – Budget Information, and Section C – Other Information are included. 
  • Webinar: Completing the ED Grant Performance Reports for 325 Grantees: 
    As titled, this webinar focuses on completing the ED Grant Performance Reports for those with 325 grants including helpful information on how to meet the Personnel Development Program (PDP) annual reporting requirements. Specifically, the webinar provides information on completing the Annual Performance Report (APR) as required for all 325 projects. In addition, the information on the Annual Data Scholar Submission in PDPDCS is covered for those with 325D, 325H, or 325K projects. (20 minutes)

325D Resources

325K Resources

325L Resources

  • 325L Sample PROJECT Performance Measures Aligned with PROGRAM Performance Measures
    This document provides examples of PROJECT performance measures that align with approved PROGRAM performance measures for 325L grant projects. (Coming soon)

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